We feel great pleasure in arranging special events for women at free of cost. Whatever may be your function, we make it grand and special than usual. Look below and get to know what we can offer for the women candidates both residing in our orphanage and the outsiders who are economically weak. Your satisfaction is our motto. We wish to provide excellent services for Muslim women and we strive to bring excellence in their lives.


Has the time for your daughter’s marriage arrived and is the bridegroom ready, but you don’t have enough pennies to organize the function, you need not worry, just give us a call, we have all the ability to make your event special and we do not charge any amount for this. Also, if you are seeking the best bridegrooms you can reach us and we can assist you in finding the right partner of your choice.

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Baby Shower

A new baby is a great reason for party. We provide great assistance for the women who is economically backward. We host their functions with holistic care and make it a grand success. Your joyful event is our prime maxim. In case your function has been planned and need assistance you can contact us or visit us, we can help you out with the best solutions.

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We host a special event for the female candidates of our orphanage who attain puberty. It is special function that has to celebrated. Why should poverty stop you from events, we make all steps to make your events special and captivating. We do not allow our residents hopeless. We take special care for each and every stages of their life and give them many merrymaking moments.

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