Main aim of this reputed Trust for children Education is to protect the Poor Orphan Muslim Girl Children, providing them the Higher Education, Good Clothes, Healthy Food, Hygienic Water, Medicines and Medical Treatments etc. We stand high among the Trust for children Education. We go for raising their way of life by helping them to have a not too bad existence with wellbeing and cleanliness. Over all we want the children to know the basic Islamic Knowledge, Reading Quran with Tajweed fluently and knowing its meanings. We also conduct & teach free Islamic Studies and Holy Quran classes to all Muslim children and women in and around our locality.

We also have Muslim Mosque available for both men and women. Our organization started this Mosque mainly for women only. We conduct da\'wa & hadith programs for all the orphan children and women residing in our orphanage home and to others. We educate these children and provide them food, dress, medicines, good Islamic education and school education with the help of Allah.

Our Educational Trust in Tamilnadu has been started with the complete God’s favor and protection at Madurai. Since 1969 (50 years) from its origin, Munawwarah Girls Orphanage Trust promotes the ability among all the orphaned / abandoned / underprivileged Muslim girl children, senior citizens within and outside the support system, by educating, guiding and giving them the love and care which they deserve. We act as a transition for these children to lead a life with complete social dignity and also make them able to help the society in return. We continue doing our work with social responsibility, so that we can restore the bright future of these innocent lives. We give the children “Alima Graduation with Religious Education”, through which our children are taught more about Muslim culture and religious beliefs. We provide samacheer kalvi in Tamil. Besides this we also teach them Stitching, Quran Sharif, and more free services, which are sure to enhance their standard of living. Donate as much as you can and help our children to fly with multiple colors.


We believe in the right of all people that is to be treated justly and fairly. 


We commit to foster a hope that assists people to find meaning. 


We seek to foster compassion, an attitude of the heart and a response to suffering. 


We seek to act with respect with regard to each other, the earth and all creation.


We commit to working in a collaborative spirit through cooperation, coordination and partnership.

Our Values

At Munawwarah Girls Orphanage Trust, we commit to five foundational values, which we seek to embed in our organizational culture and practice.